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Association - Cie - for production , diffusion of performing arts (theater, dance, music, multi- disciplinary performances) media ( cinema, photography , sound, Internet ) exhibitions , events of contemporary art . Help assistance through art and culture, for people in difficulty. Training and entertainment for all audiences. It supports the humanitarian commitment , respect for human rights , protection of the earth.


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The company is a group of artistic work with actors and actresses faithful involved in various projects. It also wishes to create loyalty in the company with authors, directors, technical and administrative staff, proposing a project monitoring creation and dissemination .








The Cie was born in July 2010, to initiate several projects at once cultural , artistic, teaching and training .

The company strives to develop each project with talented artists ,  perfectionists  technicians. On each project, we want to give training for one or more persons , or help in a personal project aims to inserting the return to self-esteem through group work, for example on a movie, a show, or a meeting for an artistic event.

Finally, it supports associations, companies, people on their own artistic and cultural projects, administration, monitoring, preparation of records and aid applications, research of social, institutional partners, sponsors, artists and technicians, and dissemination .

Find a spirit, a framework for considering a future perspective .







OURSELF PROD have just seen the day in July 2010:

This association aims to: (extracts of the bylaws)

1 . producing , distributing, performing arts (theater, dance, music, street shows, events combining several disciplines ) to produce, broadcast media ( cinema, photography , sound, Internet ) to produce, disseminate exhibitions, events of contemporary art, and produce, disseminate any event, any action , pledging to contribute to the protection of human rights , protection of animals , nature and the earth.

2 . help inserting disadvantaged people through art and culture, education or humanitarian efforts to gain self-esteem, help them develop a plan for the future . to help strengthen the relationship between art , the public, and artists provide training for youth, adults , seniors , the disabled and the sick, and all those suffering from discrimination , advise and support the development of an art project , cultural, or humanitarian , ecological.

3 . to help promote the visual arts, performing arts , culture and audiovisual as cinema, photography , music, and all types of media , emerging arts, Ile de France , France, in Europe and the world ;

4 . contribute to promoting research and reflection on emerging arts , visual arts , performing arts , culture and broadcasting, such as cinema, photography , music, and all types of media, such that Internet ;

5 . to help promote the work of artists and defend their interests;

























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